February 2011

The students and community of California State University, San Marcos have boldly embarked on a collaborative project to paint several murals that reflect and affirm the objectives and values of its student body, staff, administrators and faculty. We are respectfully submitting  a proposal for murals to be created and painted by the students and community for the University Village Apartments. Our hope is, the proposal will be approved by President Haynes and the CSUSM Campus Public Arts Committee (PAC) so painting can begin April 1, 2011
Note: Murals cannot be painted unless an approval is received.

Objectives for the students and community participants embody understanding the history and purpose of murals, learning painting techniques, gaining technical confidence in shaping a proposal and the hands-on fruition of painting the murals themselves. Values incorporated into the murals will include the themes of diversity, friendship, family, love of land, unity and positive projection of the future. This endeavor, unprecedented in the history of the university, the region and perhaps internationally, is one with many moving parts. Its challenges and completion will greatly expand the university’s horizon and begin a precedent that merges campus life with regional awareness and participation.

The team of Artist Doris Bittar, Isaias Crow and Marilyn Huerta are coordinated and focused to create an uplifting experience for the community.  Artist Doris Bittar will teach basic painting skills as part of a curriculum course. Mural painter Isaias Crow will run four workshops. Marilyn Huerta, grant writer for the Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) proposal, “Painting Art on Campus” will be our liaison to the administration and community at large. The first three weeks of the Spring semester have shown that motivation is high. The students and community are ready to collaborate and harness their creativity. We thank the students and community for their enthusiasm and contribution in shaping our collective vision at this early stage.