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First Day of Drawing & Painting – Students learn to do blind contour drawings of each other. They must look at one another and draw their classmate without ever looking down at the paper.  After these marvelous masterpieces are created they move on to paint portraits of one another by using earth tones and by first laying down thin layers of acrylic paints, preferably green tones.  The day ends with a creative writing excercise that return in the form of a painting.

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Workshop & Class with Isaias Crow- Group Circle Activities & Group Design Collaborations.  Students sat in a circle and introduced themselves then participated in a series of activities to teach them to open up, be honest and trust one another. One activity consisted of creating their best drawing in 2 minutes then they passed it to the person sitting next to them who then added to the drawing. This exercise teaches the artist to let go of their ego, trust their collaborator and be open to someone else altering their artwork.  The drawings were then passed to the next person to draw on, then the next person, and so on until several artists had drawn on the same artwork. At the end, the artist received their initial drawing back and many chuckled when seeing how their artwork had been changed.

The second exercise involved each student getting in the center of the circle and role playing and reciting the letters A-B-C as the students drew the frequencies they heard.  As each person entered the circle, more movement was demonstrated and each student tried to be more creative as the previous student.  Students learned to open up and realized that “movement” is very much a part of mural painting.

Artists then went outdoors and explored for a few minutes searching for something to observe closely, then sketch out in five minutes. This exercise taught them to look closely and really pay attention and to listen.  Students then broke out into groups to create a design concept for a mural.


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