Mural Artists

Visual & Performing 181 Art Students
Dawn Baker
Taylor Fonseca
Brittany Galante
Natalie Gurney
Keith Hart
Breckon Koutsky
Payam Ladjavardi
Robert Lara
Nicole Lindsley
Fredrick Nquyen
Christie Onion
Faith Orcino
Ayako Otsuka
Aaron James Robinson
Hitomi Saeki
Kevin Duy Tran
Marie Yoshikawa
Rachel Younggren

Campus & Community Participants
Carol Bonomo, Administrator Emeritus, Office of the President
Jennifer Fiallos, Arts Association Student & UVA resident
Sayri Fujita, Arts Association Student & UVA resident
Gaby Goff, Palomar Student
Penny Lanese, Information Technology Consultant
Jane Sim, ASC Information Systems & Operations
Danielle Steffler, Palomar Student
Ed Vasquez, Student

Special Thanks to Campus Facilitators:
David Avalos, VPA Professor
Provost, Emily Cutrer
Brian Dawson, Director, University Apartments
Hugo Lecomte, Director of Campus Recreation
Members of the Public Arts Campus Committee

Artist Project Leads:
Doris Bittar, VPA Professor & Artist
Isaias Crow (CROL) Mural Artist and Educator
Marilyn Huerta, Arts Association Advisor, A&L Coord & Artist


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